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Passing of the King

Passing of the King

It is with great sadness that I report Raja is with us no more. He had been in recently for a check up and at that time was pronounced fine, excepting some teeth that needed to be pulled. He had those teeth removed shortly after that and wasn’t getting his appetite back. As he had a follow-up appointment coming up next week, we had planned to ask about it at that time. Then yesterday he stopped eating altogether. We called and got him an appointment for this morning. This time the vet did an x-ray of Raja’s lungs and found them almost completely full of fluid and tumors. As that point, with no better option left to us, we made the impossible decision to have Raja put down to ease his passing. He will be missed.



Bad News: I’m doing a lousy job of keeping up with my Project365 resolution for this year.

Good News: Tonight’s #IADemCaucus was packed. Bernie won the most delegates from our distract 1.

Cutest moment of the night: Temporary chair was explaining the rules, just finished saying how long people had to stay to be sure “the voice of the people was heard” and then a baby in the audience cried out happily.


  1. Clinton came in 2nd and O’Malley didn’t qualify.

That Doesn’t Look Safe

Oh, I’m sure it’s prefectly fine. Probably. I am the Doctor afterall.

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