Cool Wallpaper Images

I heard via Mac Observer that Mandolux had some new images up took a look and really liked the one of the cat’s eye. Though I have to say the website needs some help; I mean really, dark grey text on a black background?. I then started playing around with the URL to see if Mandolux has any archives (because I’m pretty sure I got my previous wallpaper from the site) and much to my delight, I ended up finding them under this page. *happy, happy*

Update – 08 May 2004, 2:53 pm (-06:00 GMT): Well, I’ve pretty much gone through all the pics on Mandolux and didn’t find my current desktop image. *sigh* I was really hoping I would; so I could find something similar to it. But after looking at the file names, it became less likely that my old desktop image was from this site as they were completely different (e.g. mandolux-egypt-03-1280.jpg vs. 0D0T0900-2-1280.jpg).

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