Dreaming like a bad ’80s high school romance movie

I didn’t sleep so good last night, not quite sure why. I went to bed late and was completely exhausted but partially woke up a couple of hours before the alarm clock went off. My wrist braces1 were bothering my hands, so I took them off and tried going back to sleep. That sort of worked but it wasn’t really good sleep, as I was still somewhat awake. Though that did allow me to somewhat realize that I was dreaming while I was doing so. Unfortunately, I either had no control over the dream or I did and just never cared to change it. Also, I had the distinct impression that this was not the first time I’ve had this particular dream, though I cannot recall any other time that I’ve woken from this dream.

So what was the dream? It had all the earmarks of some bad high-school romance movie from the ’80s. There were 3 main characters:

  • NERD: This was the main character of the movie and the one that the camera2
  • GIRL: This was the main character’s love interest. She’s one of the popular girls at school, though not a cheerleader and is know to be friendly towards most everybody at school.
  • JOCK: This was the main character’s rival for GIRL and a member of the school’s football team. He’s also one of the popular kids at school, but is not known as a friendly guy. Also, I think it’s likely he came from a wealthy background (or at least his folks are better off than NERD’s folks).

NERD falls in love with GIRL who goes to the same school.
JOCK is dating the GIRL (maybe? can’t recall the early bits for sure) but really isn’t worthy of her in any case.
NERD starts “courting” GIRL, sending flowers and doing nice things for her.
GIRL sees NERD in new light after seeing him help various people.
JOCK causes trouble for NERD when he realizes what’s going on.
NERD doesn’t realize that GIRL was starting to like him, but tired of being picked on studies up on sports & popular stuff.
NERD becomes pseudo-jock and GIRL loses interest in him because NERD isn’t as nice as before.
NERD’s nerdy friends dump NERD for the same reason that GIRL lost interest.
NERD is confused by all these changes in his life.
JOCK is still mostly clueless at this point.
Then there’s a bit of a jump in the “movie” and we’re near the end, at the final football game of the season and the JOCK’s team is losing badly.
NERD calls in his nerdy friends (after much apologizing on his part, they forgive him) and they write massive calculations on a whiteboard convincing the coach to put NERD into the game.
NERD works with the entire team to save the game and they end up winning.
JOCK not happy that the NERD “saved them” and starts a fight after the game.
JOCK lands a few blows, but nerd has studied up on fighting too and ends up turning tables on JOCK, beating him into unconciousness. I think that JOCK taunted NERD about GIRL for a while and what he planed on doing to/with her.
GIRL nowhere to be seen.
Starts to rain.
NERD moves JOCK’s body into sheltered area to get him out of rain.
Sees JOCK’s team pin fell off and that another footballer is standing next to it. Asks footballer to hand it to him to give it back to jock.
Dream jumps, but impression is that footballer doesn’t like JOCK and gives pin to nerd.
NERD standing in rain outside GIRL’s house, but lights are out.
Then NERD sees some lights (candles/flashlights) flare up and realizes that somebody’s home but the power’s out.
NERD heads up to the house and is invited in by girl’s father.
Father looks like very successfully & fit nerd. Mother in background is gorgeous like the GIRL, just older.
Father asks mother to get hot drinks (guess the stove is gas) and a towel for the boy, “as they’ve got a lot to talk about”.

Then I woke up. Oh and in case you’re wondering, I used NERD/GIRL/JOCK because I can’t remember their “real names” ever being said during the dream.

1 I’ve had problems with my wrists and good ol’ Doc said it was likely RSI. He also recommended wearing braces on my wrists while I sleep. This has worked quite well for me, but my old braces were falling apart and I recently replaced with some new ones, but they don’t fit quite as well.
2 A lot of my dreams seem to make me feel like I’m either sitting behind the camera filming something or I’m sort of an invisible entity floating along side the main character in the dream, able to see everything happening in their area as well as get a sense of what people in the immediate area are feeling.

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