QotD: Rock Stars and Bathrooms

One of the new books I picked up recently was Just A Geek by Wil Wheaton. I’ve been reading his blog for a while now and really been enjoying it. So when I last was hitting up Amazon.com for something to read; I decided to get a copy of his book. Currently, I’m 16 pages into and I ran across a line that was just so damn funny that I had to set the book aside or risk tearing it up while I was laughing on the couch. That line is….

If you ever get a chance to pee next to a rock star, make sure you do it.

While peeing next to Billy Idol would certainly be a moment to remember; given my druthers, I’d rather be standing next to Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick fame. *shrug* He’s got better guitars and I like Cheap Trick’s music better. So my faithful CoffeeBear.net readers, which rockstar would you like to be standing share a restroom with?

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