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Dusty road part 2 (Altered)

I’ve created a new section in the gallery, called Altered. This is where I’ll be putting any photos that I’ve manipulated beyond shrinking and labeling. For example, the dusty road picture attached to this post is one that I had been thinking needed some sort of work to make it pop (for lack of a better word). So I fired up GiMP and did the roughly1 following:

  • Copied the entire image into a new file, to preserve the original.
  • Created two layers in the image containing the entire image.
  • Selected the bottom layer and applied a 5px Gausian blur.
  • Selected the top layer and set it the mode to multiply.
  • Flatten the image to save it as a JPG.
  • Resize and label.

I really like this altered version vs the original one. Also in currently the altered gallery is a picture I took of some clouds and that tonight I ran through the same basic steps to enhance it. This version of the image also really pops! 🙂

Oh for those who are interested, to resize/label my photos before uploading them; I use the following shell script:

The script isn’t a perfect solution by any means2 but it’s something I came up with –after a lot of Googling– back when I was looking to post the photos from my Japan trip.
1 I forgot to take notes so if you really want all the details; leave a comment and I’ll try recreating it set by step.
2 The label it adds is ugly and the darkened background surrounding my URL doesn’t look centered around the URL.


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I just ran my wet daisy photo through this process, but also did a bit of dodging in the center of the daisy to bring back some of the yellow. The newly altered image is now posted in the gallery.

Err… I just noticed that it’s not the original wet daisy that got altered, but another picture taken of the same flower just a moment later.

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