Changing Webhosts

I’m going to be moving the from Digital Sense Hosting to Web Key Design. I’m making this move for 2 reasons and neither of them is any real fault of Digital Sense.
Reason #1: I can get pretty much the same package from Web Key Design as I can from Digital Sense Hosting, but for a couple bucks cheaper over the year.
Reason #2: Web Key Design is being run by a friend of mine.

This change over will be happening sometime in the next few days and may cause some temporary interrupt in our daily waste of your time. We apologize for any extra work that you may have to do as a result of this interruption and appreciate your patience.

Update [05 June 2005, 12:46 (-06:00 GMT)]: The move to the new webhost has been completed and everything (except for the SSGSPDS pages) appears to be working correctly. I’m working on getting that last bit setup correctly on the new host, but it might be a couple of days yet before it’s functional. If you do encounter any problems with; let me know. Thanks!

Update [07 June 2005, 22:19 (-06:00 GMT)]: the SSGSPDS pages are now up and running again. All praise WKD for their assistance in this matter! 🙂

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