Wine & WinRAR

Yesterday, I finished downloading a large file which had been archived in multi-part RAR format. I went to unrar the file but unrar for linux just wasn’t working and Ark1 wasn’t recognizing RAR files after I upgraded to the lastest beta for KDE 3.5. This was an unacceptable state of affairs as I really wanted to get a look at the complete file I downloaded. Then it occured to me:

  1. I dual-boot with WinXP on this computer.
  2. I have WinRAR installed under WinXP.
  3. I have wine2 installed under Linux.

I fired up a terminal window and typed in: wine /path/to/WinRAR.exe WinRAR started succesfully, so I told it to decompress the archive and it di so without error! I was most pleased. 😀

1 KDE archiving tool
2 Wine version#: 20050830-0.1

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