Over the weekend, Ariesna & I went with some friends to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I went into the movie with extremely low expectations1 but much to my surprise; I rather liked the movie. Sure huge chunks of the book were wacked out, but you have to expect that when you are taking 734 pages of text and converting it into a movie just over 2.5 hours long. The special effects were upto pair with anything in the prior movies. Also, although the actor playing Mad-Eye Moody didn’t look quite like I had pictured the character; he did a nice job of it. Overall, I give this one a thumbs up and it will eventually be going in my DVD collection (unlike some the previous one).

1 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was such a wretched film that it nearly ruined the entire series for me.


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Because you let stupid gits like me to write opinions, I’ll offer one (or four). I’d order the HP series, in order of Goyley goodness, best first, could this sentence get any more run-on, as follows:

1. HP4
2. HP3
3. HP2
4. HP1

HP4: Good story, good pace without seeming rushed, they deleted the most deletable things and kept the good bits, and they eliminated the two most unbearable things about the series …

HP3: Like John Henry, Ron Weasley took on whatsisname (the house elf) to determine once and for all whether natural talent, or CGI, could produce the most irritating non-stop whining. Ron’s god-awful last-nerve moaning reached its peak in HP3, and the contest ended in a tie. This would have been Booth’s bullet — ruining the play for me — except that everyone else’s acting had gotten better, the pace and directing was good for a change, and there were huge blocks of very good movie featuring neither one of the contestants.

HP2: I’d stick it in the same class as HP1, except that they snapped it up a little.

HP1: I really believe that someone could take this film and pull a Star Trek I on it, deleting about 50 minutes of dullness from it to make it a much better movie. Rickman (Snape) was easily the best aspect of this film, which was otherwise just okay in my book.

Ok, a couple quick replies:
1. I’m curious as to what you felt were the two most unbearable things about the series.
2. I thought HP1 was better than 2, but the editing job was horrid. If they’d included some of the deleted scenes (especially Harry first Potions class) instead of other scenes they included it would have been a much stronger film.
3. You actually LIKED the third HP movie? *gack* The directing stunk. They killed Ron’s character by giving all his best lines to Hermione. Then there’s that, that thing the special effects crew claimed was a werewolf. Not too mention Herimone’s “Aaaawooooo”. *double gack*

BTW, the house-elf you are referring to is most likely Dobby. Per IMDB.com, he was voiced by Toby Jones.

The most unbearable, but apparently not unCOFFEEbearable, thing(s) about the series were the characters:
– Dobby the House-Elf,
– Ron Weasley in HP3.

My guess is the actor who played Ron had a coach who could only hear dialogue pitched for dogs, and told him to “annoy-it-up” after both HP1 and 2. As for Dobby, in addition to having a fairly central character be an unnaturally moving CGI, I’d guess the director told him to not sound human, so he shot for lobster-boiling-in-water.

I can only guess fan-mail received after HP3 included comments like, “P.S.: Tell Ron and Dobby to quit being annoying. They causing my dog pain.” Luckily, the advice was taken in HP4, and they cut Dobby entirely.

I don’t think I’ve seen deleted scenes — I just have impressions from a single watching of each movie (except HP1, which I think I saw on DVD as well).

HP3 had pros and cons, but I still liked it (despite it containing the aforementioned most-objectionable-material-of-the-series). It had more interesting, and more depth, to characters. I’d forgotten Hermione’s howl, thanks a lot for reminding me (bleah). But still, compared to the mind-bendingly slow HP1, and Kenneth Branagh’s — unfortunately probably accurate — portrayal of a caricature in HP2 (along with Ron really obviously beginning to equate “punchable” with “acting”), HP3 had more redeeming qualities to it than faults. This includes a better plot to work with to begin with.

Sorry for bringing up the painful memories *grin*. And it’s true that HP3 had a better plot to work with; it’s just a shame they slaughtered most of the plot the way they did.

Going back to deleted scenes, you really should look into watching at least some of the deleted scenes (particularly on HP1). That first Potions class with Snape is amazing. It’s a real shame they cut that from the final release. Some of the rest are good as well, but that scene in particular was brilliant.

HP3 almost sucked, but than they made sirius look JUST LIKE Charles Manson. That alone saved the whole movie for me.

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