I recently ran across a couple of items online, but not on Amazon.com that I showed my wife as things I would like for Christmas. Since they weren’t on Amazon, I cannot just add them to my wishlist. She requested I add those items to CB.net as a blog post. I started to do so, but it occurred to me when I find other ideas I’d have to keep coming back and editing that post. And eventually the post would disappear off the front page, making it more difficult for her to find those suggestions. Then it I thought, why not just use my del.icio.us account and tag interesting items with “wishlist”? I couldn’t see a downside, as it’s easy for me to update and I can setup a bookmark for her to pull up the page to look at. So have at, oh wife of mine! 😀

At work, we had a massive potluck and I definitely won’t be packing a lunch next time we have a potluck. I’m used to potlucks where most people bring desserts and you have to bring your own “meal”. Yesterday’s potluck had the expected massive table of desserts but people also brought in 2 kinds of chili, 2 kinds of stew, roast beef, potato salad, a veggie tray, crackers and cheese.

At home, we weren’t sure what to expect for trick-or-treaters as this is our first Halloween in the new house. I’d talked to a neighbor and he said to expect something like 50-80 kids. We bought 2 large bags of candy and had some Halloween toys from previous years. Naively, we thought this would be enough. And perhaps it would have been if we only got 50-80 kids, but we actually got somewhere between 100-120 kids1! Still our goodies held out until about 7:45PM and trick-or-treating officially ended at 8:00PM; so we didn’t do too badly.

Overall, the kids were polite and it was a fun evening. Especially since I was lazy and let Ariesna do all the running around to get the candy to the kids2. However there were a couple of downers during the evening; for one, there were several kids who stood on the porch looking in their bags after getting their treats asking what they’d been given. What the heck is up with that? Sure, Ariesna was tossing some toys in with the candy but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they were. Especially if they wait until they get home and really look over their loot. I probably wouldn’t have minded it much, but most of them doing it were the older kids who were probably borderline too old to be trick-or-treating anyway. So it was really ticking me off.

1 My wife has the exact number, but I forgot what she said it was.
2 I wasn’t entirely lazy, I spent about half the night trying to get a a fire blazing in the fireplace.