HowTo: Install Windows Vista in 2 Minutes

Do you have a new computer that doesn’t run Windows Vista? Do you need step-by-step instructions on how to install it? Then watch this great YouTube video for instructions.

Then go download and install a proper OS, like Ubuntu.


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The man seems a little surprised that Vista is as big a non-wow as everyone has been saying it is. Still, funny video, in a bitter sort of way.

I’m sure Ubuntu is fantastic. Of course, Ubuntu says it needs 256 MB of RAM. What a piece of bloatware. I’ll stick to Windows 2000. 🙂

Actually Ubuntu doesn’t need 256MB of RAM… unless you want to use the Live CD installer. You can download and install it using the alternative desktop CD. Of course if your computer doesn’t have at least 256MB of RAM; you’re probably running a really old computer and should replace it. And if you’re going that route I’d recommend looking at the systems offered by System76; they offer machines running Ubuntu Linux out of the box. 🙂

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