The Xbox is Dead, Long Live the Xbox!

Which is to say, our Xbox died the other night mid-game, taking with it our beloved XBMC. This evening we broke down, bought a replacement and I’m setting it up right now. Wheee!


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I bought an XBOX when they were relatively new for the sole purpose of installing (at the time) XBMP. It now, of course, runs XBMC — and I couldn’t be happier with it. I worry about it dying. I had to solder the motherboard and flash the onboard bios ages ago, and I think that’s not the “way” to do it anymore.

Are you softmodding your new XBOX and having it boot into XBMC? It’s been so many years, I’m not sure I could do it anymore, at least not with some major research.

Also — where’d you buy one? eBay?

I softmodded it to run XBMC. The guys over at ProductWiki have an excellent tutorial on doing this. And yeah, these days the softmod/exploit works on any XBox and not just specific versions; so it’s uber-easy to perform the mod.

Picked it up at the local used game shop, Video Games Etc. Thought about checking eBay as I bet I could get it cheaper (paid $99 tax) but we’re having friends over and I wanted to have XBMC up & running to watch videos with.

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