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LiveJournal Broken?

While I do all my posting here at CoffeeBear, I do have some friends who stick with using LiveJournal (some of them have real blogs too). For those of us living in both worlds, we tend to use WordPress with the LiveJournal Crossposter plugin. I help one of those friends by maintaining her website and yesterday she reported that the crossposting had stopped working. I updated the plugin, tested crossposting via my devblog and it worked fine. Unfortunately, she’s still having problems. So I’m trying to crosspost from my real blog this time to see if I can recreate her error.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

I like the little fortune cookies you get when you eat Chinese food. I also tend to tuck the fortunes into my wallet. Today I’m going to type up all my saved fortunes for your reading pleasure.

  • “Your joyfulness will prolong your days.”
  • “You will spend your old age surrounded by comfort and wealth.”
  • “Your favor will be granted.”
  • “Creativity is your ace in the hole.”
  • “Confusius says: to err is human.  To rub it in, is divine.”
  • “Pleasant surroundings and a happy time await you.”
  • “One Who Never Asks Either Knows Everything Or Nothing.”
  • “You have a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.”
  • “You change the world with each thought, word and action.”
  • “Good Judgment Comes From Experience.  Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.”

The best fortune I ever got from a cookie is one I doubt I’ll ever forget.  In part because I was having lunch with my mother and she got the exact same fortune.

  • “You will do well at the race track.”

How about you Intarwebs?  Got any good bits of fortune cookie wisdom to brighten my day with?

Craptastic Morning

Broken Windshield on my car

Look at what fun somebody had during the night.  Yup, that’s how I found my car when I walked outside this morning to go to work.  When I first saw the damage, I was sleepy enough to think I had frost on my window and I’d have to scrap it.  But before I could even start thinking about how odd that was I’d gotten close enough to realize it wasn’t frost on the window.  *sigh*

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