Halloween Weekend 2008

  • Only 93 kids this year.
  • Attended ICON 33 on Saturday.
    • Ran into several people I hadn’t seen in years, yeah!
    • Arrived after 2 of the extremely few panels of interest were already over, boo.
    • Got stuck in an AI meeting during which I missed another panel of interest, boo.
    • Went to Cath’s author reading. She read scenes from Substance of Shadows with Milo, yeah!
    • Successfully avoided the Hammer Horror Vampire Babe room party.
    • Attended the Wylde Nept concert, yeah!
  • Raked the yard on Sunday and then took delivery of a load of firewood.
    • The load was supposed to be a face cord, but I think it was a little short of that.
    • Also their version of delivery was to dump the firewood in our yard, whereas I’d been hoping they were going to stack it for me.
      • As you might well imagine my back did not care for stacking the firewood at all and I’m moving rather stiffly still.

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