Awfully Hot Out Isn’t It

So far this year, the weather has been just incredibly mild; we’d only hit 80+ degrees once prior to this week. Naturally this long string of lovely weather inspired me to save up some household tasks for this week, when I’m out of the office on furlough. And naturally enough, Mother Nature decided to punish me for that decision by making this the week that summer-style weather kicked in. Rather than those upper 70s to do my painting of the bathroom, cleaning out the garage, trimming the hedges, etc… I get upper 80s with a high enough humidity to make it feel like upper 90s. Of course, that’s just in the morning; this afternoon the prediction is for the temps to reach 95 degrees.

Blech.  This is like the North Carolina summers of my youth. I didn’t handle hot weather very well then and I don’t handle any better now. Double blech.

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