Day 111: Wise Man’s Reading

Around a year or two back, I found a copy of The Name of the Wind at a local used bookstore. I’d been seeing the author’s name pop-up on several of the blogs I read and decided to pick it up. I read it and loved it. That summer, a friend of mine went to Wiscon and got my copy of The Name of the Wind signed for me. When Mr. Rothfuss signed the book, he also wrote in it “To Mark, the only one who truly understands me”. This had me laughing for days.

This year The Wise Man’s Fear came out. I picked it up and loved it too. The same friends, once again planning on going to Wiscon, offered to get him to sign this book as well and I agreed. Only I found out that Mr. Rothfuss was going to be at the Haunted Bookshop.

So Michelle took me down and we got my copy of The Wise Man’s Fear signed and this time we had him write “To Mark: Other people can read this, but I wrote it for you.” *grin* Michelle, being the wonderful & loving wife that she is, also bought me a copy of The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed (which is Mr. Rothfuss’s not-for-kids picture book).


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I was planning to go, and really looking forward to it, but I’m only 18% done with Name of the Wind!

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