Day 216: The Madness Continues

While the casual observer might not see the difference between today’s photo and yesterday’s; significant progress has actually been achieved. A “solid” plan is in place as is a basic frame and all1 the necessary supplies have been purchased. Next we plan to install some insulation2 between the studs, then measure3, draw out the cuts necessary on the sheet of MDF we plan to use as our closet floor and cut it to fit. Though with the rain this evening (as well as the expected rain tomorrow) and our plans for the next couple of days; we’re not entirely sure when the madness will reach its next stage.

1 Well… hopefully all of the necessary supplies have been purchased. We think we got it all but when intrepid/inexperienced DIYers are at the helm, anything could happen.
2 Pink, fiberglass kind that comes in a roll, with a vapor barrier. Previously there was some blown in insulation held between the studs by the dry wall and some tar paper.
3 And measure again4.
4 And measure once more, just in case.

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