Day 359: Damnable Butterfingers

Day 358: Damnable Butterfingers
We traveled down to my in-laws to spend Christmas day with them and had a really nice time. When we got home, as I started to cross the street from the car to the house, I lost my grip on my camera bag. It’s a fairly well padded bag and the drop was only from a couple of feet, so I wasn’t feeling particularly worried about it.

Feeling a bit tired, I set the camera bag aside once we got indoors. I just unpacked it, looked over the camera and found no immediate visible signs of damage. A few quick snaps and I confirmed that I didn’t hear any sounds of internal damage. Then I tried looking at some settings on the LCD screen and saw this.

I guess tomorrow I’ll be heading out to the camera shop to try getting an estimate on the repair cost. *sigh*

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