The Americans’ “Fifth” of November

In the UK, they have Guy Fawkes Night with a famous song/poem of which most will recognize at least this portion.

Remember, remember! The fifth of November

As I headed back into the office after lunch today, the following line of thought occurred to me.

With tonight being the election, there’s really only three outcomes I can see happening:

  • Your candidate wins and you drink to celebrate with others of your political party.
  • Your candidate loses and you drink to commiserate with others of your political party.
  • There are legal challenges to whoever wins, drawing the election out further, and you drink to mourn.

In any of those scenarios, everybody has an excellent reason to have a stiff drink tonight. So as we all watch the election results pour in over the course of the night; let’s be sure to pour ourselves a “fifth” of our favorite beverage and maybe tomorrow we can forget this night ever happened. 😀

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