Bathroom Remodel Feature Complete

Just realized I’d not posted this here, but our bathroom remodel is functionally complete. We still need to do a bit of painting[ref]We decided to wait on this till spring, both to give us time to settle on a color and so we can open the windows to air the bathroom out while painting it.[/ref] and add some accessories (e.g. hand towel holder, hook for robes, etc.). With that said, the new bathroom is already a household favorite; as evidenced by the photo to the right. As for me, I’m finding it glorious to be able to take a proper shower in my own home again. The new shower just feels so much bigger, brighter, cleaner than the old one. To the point that the first day I used it; I was awfully tempted to call in sick to work, so I could stay in it longer[ref]For the record, I was just able to resist the temptation.[/ref]

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