Since you’re on this page, I have to assume you are interested in learning more about the people behind this site. Read on below for details as to the Who/What/Where/Why/How of CoffeeBear.net. Please feel free to contact me if there’s something not answered on this page that you are interested in.


The main author behind this site is me, [insert_php] the_author_posts_link(); [/insert_php]. I’m just this guy who spends far too much time working on or around computers, both in hardware & software.

Occasionally, you will also see posts by my lovely wife, Michelle (aka Ariesna).


First off, let me explain my domain name. I drink coffee and more than just a little bit. Perhaps not quite so much as some people think I do, but still… So I knew that I wanted to include coffee in the name. The next step was to figure out what to tack onto coffee to come up with a unique domain name. As was I running SuSE Linux on all my home computers, I was originally thinking of using coffeelizard. Unfortunately, .net, .org & .com were all previously taken. Seeing as lizard was out, I tried to think of something else and it occured to me I could use a different animal in the name. And so CoffeeBear.net was born.


I’m currently based out of Cedar Rapids, IA. Though if I write up a post while on a trip someplace; I will try to tag the post appropriately.


In part, I was kind of bored and this was a hot, new way to do something interesting. But also because I wanted some sort of creative outlet allowing me to share my thoughts, photos, sketches, whatever with other people.


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