Ok, I might have misspelled that title but it should be close enough to give you an idea of what this musing is about. You see, I was sitting at my desk waiting for the program to finish processing some data (so I could double-check the results) when my mind started wondering and it occurred to me that we all have our own odd little sayings. Given that I haven’t anything better to do at the moment, as the computer is especially slow today); I figured that I’d share a few of mine with you. If the topic interests you, feel free to leave a few of your own sayings in the comments or post something on your blog.

  • “Just another day in paradise, wish I were there.”: I use this one alot at work when people ask me how I’m doing. It’s not that I hate my job or anything like that. It’s just that actually working for a living tends to get me down a bit. Ok, that sounds really pathetic… Ah screw it, when I was a kid there were basically 2 things that I wanted to do: be an astronaut and to have enough money to do whatever I want whenever I want. As neither one of those happened, I’m going to use them as my excuse for disliking working for a living. Don’t laugh at me too hard for my dislike of work, after all I actually do my job, rather than try to sponge my livelyhood off of the welfare system.
  • “Wassup, cheesewhiz”: To be perfectly honest, I only use this one on a particular friend of mine and neither of us remembers when or why I started it. We think there was some sort of story or incident that sparked it. The wassup is optional and may be randomly replaced with Hey, ya.
  • Raise your right hand in front of you with the middle 3 fingers extended and the palm facing you, “I’d tell you to read between the lines but I don’t think you’re that smart!” Then lower the outer 2 fingers, so only your middle finger is still extended. I use this when I’m annoyed with one of my friends and want to insult them. Ok, it’s not nice but then I never honestly claimed I was a nice guy.
  • “Soka”: This one I picked up from watching a lot of anime and I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m saying it wrong, misinterrpreting it or at least misspelling it; however from what I can tell, it basically means I understand. After watching all the anime that I have and reading the sort of Sci-Fi books I like; I would venture to say it’s similar to saying I grok you.

Well, my program just finished processing; so it’s time to get back to real work.

So, I was bouncing around the web and on some site that I was reading; I ran across a link to these short films over on theForce.net. I have to say from what I’ve watched so far (all of part 1 & the start of part 2); they are a heck of alot better than that Episode 1 & 2 crap that Lucas put out.

Granted the acting/makeup aren’t as polished as what Hollywood is pumping out these days but the CG/script are quite good.


You are the chinese element of Wood. People who are under the element of wood are practical, focused and like to learn. Wood, you are a natural leader, but you also like to control a lot, you’re never still and especially hate to lose. The color of wood is blue/green and your
symbol is the dragon. Spring is the season in which wood shines, and it’s months are January/February. Your weather condition is rain. Wood is the direction east, and your day is Thursday, while your planet is Jupiter. Animals under your element are usually scaled. People under you are the Mongols. Your sense is sight, your taste is sour, your sound is calling and your virtue is benevolence. Your organ is the liver. You were created by Water and you control Earth.

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