Ever since I heard WordPress was going to release 2.0.x; I’ve been planning my upgrade. Unfortunately RL kept interferring. Once I got my RL mostly settled down, I started working on those upgrade plans again. But then so many new/cool/wowser themes and plugins were coming out that I ended up scrapping and restarting my plans multiple times. I’ve finally decided to stop scrapping my plans and implement one of them, though this means all my faithful readers will be treated to some sort of blog insanity as I get everything upload, altered, activated, tweaked, upgraded and running the way I want it. After the disruption, I look forward to sharing some new features on this site with you.

And yes, that’s a teaser to make sure you come back once the dust settles around here.

CoffeeBear.net is currently experiencing some problems. We are aware of the issue and looking into it. We’ll let you know when we have it fixed.

Update: The problem appears to be related to the plugin I’ve been using to display books and whatnot down the side of the site. I’m still investigating why this started happening and will restore the site to normal once I’ve got it fixed.

After talking with my webhost, we tracked the spike in my bandwidth usage to a group of IP addresses in 64.62.168.*. Upon further investigation, it appears one or more computers in that block of IP addresses is searching for some sort of vulnerability in various online forum software. Since I do run a small forum for a friend; I’ve blocked all access from that group IP addresses. This appears to have stopped the sudden bandwidth spike and kept this site from going down over the weekend.

FYI, it looks like there’s a possibility of this site going down for later tonight. I received an email last night saying I had used 80% of my allocated bandwidth for the month1! Today, I was discussing this absurd spike with my webhost. He started looking into it and while reading over his shoulder noticed I was up to 90% used. From the look of things, there is some sort of spider2 which is acting wonky and just repeatedly downloading the same data over & over. If this continues too much longer, I’ll be out of bandwidth for the month. Fortunately today is the last day of the month so I might get lucky.

1 I get 3GB of bandwidth each month and in a normal month I use ~300MB.
2 “A program that searches for information on the Web.” See Answers.com for more info.