Now-Reading Admin Bar Menu

DownloadNow-Reading Admin Bar Menu
Adds the Now-Reading menu links to the new admin bar introduced in WordPress 3.1.


Download PHPInfo 1.1b
Adds a subpage under the WordPress Dashboard which displays a variety of useful information about your WordPress blog. This is especially helpful information to have when troubleshooting problems. Phpinfo 1.1 was originally coded by DesignPraxis.


  • 10 Dec 2007: Added text output from pluginsUsedPlugin 0.1.11b and moved the output to a subpage under the Dashboard.

Download pluginsUsedPlugin 0.1.11b
Generates a list of all installed and active plugins on your blog. It can generate the list either in plain-text format, as an unordered list or as a table. pluginsUsedPlugin 0.1.11 was originally coded by Andrew Chen.


  • 10 Dec 2007: Added the ability to output all of the active plugin names and versions as a simple text list.


Out World

Download N/A. Switched this to being a child-theme of Thematic.

VectorLover 2

See  VectorLover 2 for complete details and the download link.