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Masterpieces of Fantasy and Enchantment

By David G. Hartwell

Masterpieces of Fantasy and Enchantment

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Tags: Fantasy, Magic

Started reading:
11th January 2009
Finished reading:
31st January 2009


Rating: 6

Picked this up at the local Half-Price Books yesterday while trying to record it on my site, I found Amazon.com didn’t have a good image for it. So I did some googling and found a better image over at StoryPilot, under the Illustrated List of Heinlein Fiction. When I double-checked the list of stories in the book, I noticed something new. Apparently I’d missed Robert Heinlein’s name among the authors before picking up the book. Seeing his name in it now, makes me most pleased. *smile*

I’ve started skipping over large chunks of this now as much of it just seems like garbage. Maybe I’m just cranky, but them’s the breaks.