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Touched by an Alien

By Gini Koch

Touched by an Alien

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Tags: Sci-Fi

Started reading:
29th April 2012
Finished reading:
30th April 2012



Rating: 7

There are three categories of books:
1) Some books one reads to improve themselves. This is like eating broccoli; you may or may not like it, but you know it’s good for you.
2) Some books one reads because they like them and they happen to be really good books. This is like eating strawberries; you know you like them and you’re pleased it also happens to be good for you.
3) Some books one reads specifically because they are trash. This is like eating circus peanuts; you know you like them and you know they have no redeeming qualities to them other than your appreciation of them.

Touched by an Alien is definitely falls in the circus peanuts category.