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Serenity – The Future is Worth Fighting For

By Keith R.A. DeCandido

Serenity – The Future is Worth Fighting For

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Tags: Firefly, Sci-Fi

Started reading:
28th December 2008
Finished reading:
30th December 2008


Rating: 8

Xmas gift from my wife, been wanting to read this since I saw the movie.

Finished it now. It’s both good and bad.

* Stayed true to the movie.
* All the great quips from the movie are in it.
* Added some additional information to the story (mostly thoughts in from in the heads of various characters at different times).

Bad:* Joss didn’t write it.
* With the exception of the limited additions mentioned above, there was nothing new in the book. I would have liked to seen the author add even more to the story…. Well to be perfectly honest I would have preferred that Joss Whedon had written this as the script of more Firefly episodes but short of that I wanted more than just a book version of the movie. It’s not really the author’s fault but I still have to count it against the book.