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Happy Hour of the Damned

By Mark Henry

Happy Hour of the Damned

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Tags: Horror, Humor, Undead, Urban Fantasy, Zombies

Started reading:
30th September 2008
Finished reading:
2nd October 2008


Rating: 7

Meh. Read it for the book group I belong to but otherwise never would have gone near it. It’s not bad, but it’s also totally not my cup of tea. Seriously, the book reads like an undead episode of Sex & the City. Problem with that is I never cared for that show. The book like the show has some good bits, but overall is not one to catch my interest and I’m unlikely to ever read it again (or any sequels).

Side note a friend told me that most people either love it or hate it/get offended. Me, I wasn’t offended and I didn’t hate it. I just was bored by the majority of it. Though the last chapter and the character’s acknowledgements at the end of the book were amusing.