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Cameron Marlow is a grad student at the MIT Media Lab. To finish his Ph.D., Mr. Marlow is going to be analyzing the results of a survey “about how people use their weblogs and their general communication behavior.” To get the best results, he needs a large sample size so if you’ve got ~15 minutes or so; why not help the poor guy out? Link found via Dougal Campbell.

I noticed this over on Boing Boing:

URGENT: Call your Senator RIGHT NOW or live with the goddamned Broadcast Flag forever!
Danny sez,

We’ve heard rumors that the Broadcast Flag that Cory, the EFF, and a coalition of pressure groups have fought so hard against (and beat in the courts) will be sneaked back via an amendment to the giant Senate Appropriations Bill in a sub-committee at 2PM EST on Tuesday 21st. This week is Hollywood’s last chance to ram the flag past Congress, and they’re working hard to get it under the radar.

There’s no time to write letters or start a media campaign…

Be sure to let your senator know you oppose this fair-use killer! If you’re not sure the best way to contact your senator; then check out this EFF Action Alert for more details.

Update 2005-06-22: For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the Broadcast Flag is…

A broadcast flag is a set of status bits (or “flags”) sent in the data stream of a digital television program that indicates whether or not it can be recorded, or if there are any restrictions on recorded content. Possible restrictions include inability to save a digital program to a hard disk or other non-volatile storage, inability to make secondary copies of recorded content (in order to share or archive), forceful reduction of quality when recording (such as reducing high-definition video to the resolution of standard TVs), and inability to skip over commercials.

Taken from Wikipedia.

Gossamer Commons

Later today, I’ll be posting PLotW1 but before that happens here’s a different link that you should really check out. Gossamer Commons is a relatively recent webcomic, started back in March 2005 by Eric Burns and Greg Holkan. Eric writes, Greg draws. The premise is something like so; the main character, Keith, has saved the life of a fairy child. Since he did this while knowing that seeing the fairy would mark him for death2; the Fairies owe him 1 boon of Keith’s choosing. As Keith has longed to be a published author; he requests, as his boon, that the Fairies give him a muse so he can great the great American novel. A novel that will inspire generations to come and will be read by annoyed college freshmen four hundred years from now. 🙂 Mr. Holkan uses a variety of methods in his artwork on the strip and so far it’s working really well, but the thing that keeps me coming back and reading the new strip is the writing (done by Mr. Burns.). Since I’m not much of a writer myself; I charge you with looking at today’s strip for an example how good this strip can be.

Keep up the good work fellas, we’ll be watching you!

1 Pukka’s Links of the Week
2 Apparently in the GC world just seeing one of the Fairies will automagically mark you for death.

Ever since I upgraded CoffeeBear to the newer version of WordPress and my fancy new theme; I noticed that mozcc wasn’t displaying any Creative Commons info for my site. I’d thought it a bit odd but figured I’d broken the extension somehow and have been a bit too distracted to really look into it until this evening.

First, I made sure I had the current version of mozcc installed and that I’d freshly restarted Firefox so I knew I had the lastest version running. When that didn’t work, I checked the source code of my pages and realized that I’d completely forgotten to add in the license info when I did the upgrade. Whoops! I’ve since rectified the problem and now you can see that this site is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. The missing license info has been added in by using the WP-CC Plugin developed by Firas. So many kudos to him for this nifty plugin!