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Windows Heck

On Easter Sunday, my wife and I went to her sister’s for lunch1. While we were there, the relatives sprang a couple of broken computers on me asking me to fix them2. Since we were getting really good grub3, I figured I could at least take a look. Of course, neither person with a broken machine had any useful CDs with them, though one did run home to see if she had any there (nope). I ended up taking both machines home and working on them in my spare time. Today, I finally fixed one of them and I fixed it by following the instructions I found in this article: Windows XP Crashed? Here’s Help. That worked really well in helping me fix the XP laptop dumped on me, but the other machine is an older WinME desktop. I’m still working on that one, but fortunately there’s no rush on the WinME box. Still I’m thrilled that I’ve got one of them fixed and can relax a bit4.

1 We had an extremely yummy lamb roast.
2 For the record, I’m a database guy these days not a support tech. *sigh*
3 And free, never forget free! *grin*
4 Yes, I’m still reading those wretched fun Wheel of Time books.

Happy Easter!

BTW, the EB hates you!

Reduce Your Spending

Like many Americans who get their taxes done early, my wife and I recently received our federal income tax refund. As soon as I noticed it had arrived, I moved it over from checking to savings. And as I like to try our finances on my computer1, I registered the transfer of funds from checking to savings immediatley. Then for the rest of the month I wondered why the bank kept showing us as having so very much more money in our checking account than my computer did. Mostly I thought it was due to some checks not having been cashed yet (e.g. the mortgage payment). In any case, I trusted my figures better than the banks as my figures would include those uncashed checks.

Then in today’s snail mail was the paper copy of our bank statement. This evening I sat down and reconciled our checking account and low, I spotted a rather large oversight on my part. I forgot to register the deposit of our income tax refund. Whoops! Once I did that my figures and the bank’s suddenly looked a lot closer than they had and I felt much, much better about our finances.

Moral of the Story#1: If you don’t want to spend money, assume you don’t have it.
Moral of the Story#2: Always be sure to enter all your deposits as well as your withdrawls! 😀

1 I track our finances using KMyMoney.

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