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Review: Just A Geek

On the advice of a friend (Pukka), a while back I began to read Wil Wheaton‘s blog. Though I’d seen Stand By Me and Toy Soldiers, my firmest memories of Mr. Wheaton were of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. That was one of the few sci-fi shows that my parents were willing to watch and I have to admit while I enjoyed parts of that show (Picard rocks!); I hated Wesley. He always struck me as this smart ass; who’d lucked out his way into working on a starship. Of course, probably what really irked me about it was that it was him and not ME! Even so, that initially made me reluctant to visit the blog, but Pukka has a habit of sending me interesting links. Since he’s rarely wrong (unless I’ve already seen what he’s sent); I checked out Mr. Wheaton’s site and have been faithful reader ever since. Then back when I ordered my copy of Ghosts in the Snow from Amazon.com; I had one of my oddly, cheap moments.
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Last Chance to See

I just finished reading Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine’s Last Chance to See. Wow. It was great! I’ve been a fan of Douglas Adams since I was knee-high to a grasshopper (mostly for his Hitcher’s Guide to the Galaxy) but I’d never read any non-fiction by him before. It was wonderful to see his irreverent and humorous style remained unchanged. Unfortunately, the copy of the book I got from Fritz was in an electronic format and didn’t include the photographs which I understand exist in the dead-tree version. Still, it was a delightful read and any Douglas Adams fan should enjoy it. Overall, I give it 4.75 out of 5 points.

Next up, I’ll me reading through Douglas Adams’s Starship Titanic by Terry Jones. Mr. Jones apparently read Douglas Adams’s Hitcher’s Guide to the Galaxy series, saw the couple of paragraphs that talk about the Starship Titanic and thought to himself “That would make a fun book! I shall sit down and write it, right after I take off all my clothes!”

Oh and in case that wasn’t a sufficient hint for you; this is the same Terry Jones of Monty Python fame. Keen! 🙂

Survivor (part 2)

I finished reading Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor last night and contrary to my early thoughts on the book; I did end up sort of liking the book. It’s not what I would call a good read at all, but rather the story seems to suddenly get interesting once you’re about halfway through.

Kind of like you’re on a long road trip; it’s been raining for the last hour; the sky suddenly clears up, just in time to give you a perfect view of a massive, bloody car accident up ahead. You don’t really want to look, but you do anyway.

Overall, I’d say this book is worth 2.75 points out of 5.

For now, I’ve gone back to reading Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century and am roughly halfway through. So far none of the stories in the collection have been stinkers, but here’s plenty of reading left to do and no more time for writing as I have to dash off to work.


Yesterday, a fiend friend tossed Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor at me and said it was a book that I had to read. Since Masterpieces is a collection of short stories; I figured I’d humor him and read the book.

So far I’m only about 3-4 chapters in and I’m already wishing I’d told him to piss off. The book is gloomy and dreary, not at all my sort of read. Since I said I’d read it; read it I shall but this looks more like something I’ll be struggling to finish rather than racing through it. I just don’t care for doom & gloom books all that much. Ah well, you win some; you lose some.

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