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Thank you LifeHacker!

Today I was reading an article over at LifeHacker about XBMC. Basically, they recommended upgrading from the last, ancient stable version to the latest SVN build; which I did this evening and boy am I ever glad I did. As now, I can play Matroska video files. Wheee! True, I technically could before but they rendered so slowly it was an exercise in frustration to watch a video all the way through. Now MKV playback is much smoother and I’m much happier with XBMC. Thank you LifeHacker!

Also a quick shout out and thanks to Komainu for pointing out the wonders that are Radio Paradise. The work day goes so much quicker with a better DJ than iTunes’s random play function. 🙂

XBMC woot!

Thanks to the excellent information posted by the guys over at Product Wiki, I finally have soft-modded my ancient X-Box to run XBMC. Basically, this means I can now use my X-Box to watch video files, listen to MP3s, etc… Sweeeeeet!

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