Disturbing Stuffed Animals

Here I am sitting at my desk, trying to figure out whether or the program I test is working correctly or not. I’m going over some printouts when a co-worker walks up trying to sell stuffed animals as a fund raiser for March of Dimes; only I’m out of cash and politely tell her so. As she’s walking away another of my co-workers starts talking to her about the stuffed animals and that’s when I take a real look at them. They’re little brown bunnies but instead of feet the bunnies have putrid green lambs I think the idea is supposed to be that the toy is wearing lamb slippers, but the result to my tired and twisted brain is that the bunnies are the survivors of some mad scientists genetic experiments.

You know the more I think about those bunnies; the more I think I should go get some cash and buy one. 😀

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