Lord of the Silent

I finished reading Elizabeth Peter’s Lord of the Silent. I really like how she’s altered the relationship between Ramses and Ameila to be more open and more like they’re equals rather than just mother and child; however the more I see Sethos in his new relationship to the Emersons, the less I like it. It just feels a bit cheesy and make Sethos less of an interesting character. Also, while I had fun reading this book; it’s definately not one of her better works. The plot felt fairly contrived, rather than flowing smoothly like most of her earlier books did. Still, overall it was a fun read; so I’ll give it 3.75 points out of 5.

Next up, I’m reading Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century. I was in B&N the other night browsing their Sci/Fi-Fantasy selections, saying to myself that it was all schlock, when I stopped by the Orson Scott Card shelf to see if his latest Alvin the Maker book was in paperback yet (if it was, it wasn’t on the shelf) and noticed this Masterpieces book. When I saw that Mr. Card was the editor; it immediately peeked my interest as I’ve enjoyed his own work for many years now and I was curious to see who he’d pick for a collection titled Masterpieces. Then I looked over the cover and saw the top 6 names that had been choosen: Asimov, Clarke, Gibson, Heinlein, Le Guin and Pohl. All authors I’ve read and enjoyed, so I knew I’d end up buying the boo (though I made Ariesna wait a bit for me to read the first story in the book. Not very nice of me I suppose, but she’d gone wondering off looking at all the translated manga first; so I figured turn about is fair play. 🙂

Sidenote: While I was double-checking that I’d gotten the link to Mr. Card’s site correct; I noticed that apparently an Ender’s Game movie is in production! Hopefully, Hollywood won’t totally destroy it. For more details, go here.

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