More Books

I finished reading I, Robot and while I enjoyed some of the stories; as a whole the book just didn’t work for me as well as some of Asimov’s other has. He tried hanging the stories together as though it was Dr. Calvin telling them to a journalist but the stories weren’t actually told from her point of view. Ah well, it was an okay read; so overall I give it 2 out of 5 points. Then I borrowed a copy of Forever Free from “my friend Fritz” and read through that. It’s a sequel to Forever Peace (which is itself a sequel to Forever War) and it was interesting to see where Haldeman went with the characters, but I wish I’d read Forever Peace first and that “Fritz’s” copy of Forever Free was in better shape. I’ll have to check the local library and see if they have both books so I can try again. Overall, Forever Free was worth 2.75 out of 5 points; it was an interesting read but I couldn’t really get into the characters’ heads and nothing in it really clicked with me.

Currently, I’ve just started reading Last Chance to See by Mark Carwardine and Douglas Adams and I’ll let you know how I liked it later, but now it’s lunch time and I’m outta here! 😀

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