1 day and counting…

The lack of updates recently is because I’ve been in the final preperations for my trip to Japan. We leave tomorrow morning and have to be at the airport prior to the “buttcrack of dawn”. I know that the main hotel we’re staying at has some sort of Internet acccess but I don’t know if I’ll have time to post anything. If I don’t; I’ll see you all in 2 weeks.


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You could rerun the “Best of coffeebear.net” while you’re gone. 😀

Dude, I had thought Thursday was your last day! I didn’t even talk to you on Wednesday, and Thursday I go over to talk to you and wish you a good trip, and you were gone! 🙁

No, I’m not going to run a “best of” but I will try to keep updating CB.net while I’m away. Sorry you were confused but I did say that my vacation started on Thursday and hence, I would’nt be there for the goodbye party.

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