Today we had a different instructor, Koshikawa-sensai, for our manga class. She demonstrated some more advanced screentone techniques and then they turned us loose to we could get started on our original work. I should note that during the previous night before falling asleep, I’d worked up a manga name (rough draft on normal paper) of what I thought I might like to draw for my original work. I did this because they kept encouraging us to use as many of the techniques that they’d taught us as we could. However I wasn’t too keen on the idea of trying to draw (and ink and apply screentones and cleanup and finish) a full strip in 2 days. So during class when they mentioned that we could do do just a character sketch if we wanted; I figured I had my out and set the manga name to the side to get started on the character sketch.

Unfortunately, one of the instructors noticed it and acted all impressed by my having done that. Suddenly the pressure was on and I caved; I abandoned the easy way out and started working on sketching out a full strip on my page. It took me the entire remaining portion of the class and a chunk of my lunch to get everything penciled in. During the time period, I got several nice comments from 2 of the instructor’s assistants plus one of the other people from the school who shows up usually for the beginning of every class. I can’t remember his name but I think he probably did some of the setup on the Japan end to get this program running.

After lunch it was time for our last class with Sato-sensai and while I’m pretty sure AWelkin had said that the omiyage should be given at the end of class; somebody gave him theirs at the beginning and then we had a flood of everybody giving him omiyage, followed by some picture taking. Next he gave us a short lesson about Japanese adjectives and some verbs to expand our vocabulary. Then he had us try our hand at Japanese caligraphy, which was very cool. Then it was back to the hotel to rest up.

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2 thoughts on “Japan Day 4

  1. Soup? You’re in Japan and you are talking about soup! Talk about the sites! Have you seen any cool movies, video games???

    Do the people in Japan hate Americans too? Give us the scoop.

  2. Bah, this is my site and I’ll talk about whatever I want to. Though I do plan on talking more about the sites after I get to a point where I can upload some photos of the places I’ve seen.

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