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Bah, I’m still a bit torked off about yesterday. At work1, there’s been a person who keeps sending up emails with the wrong code in the subject line. We use these codes to route the issues to the correct person and putting the wrong code on the email can mean a delay of at least a week before the issue gets looked at. Well, this same idjit2 sent an email asking for an update on one of those issues. Since I was running a process at the time; I looked over the issue, found it was mislableled, forwarded it over to the correct person and then spent probably 2 hours writing up a diplomatic response explaining the difference between two of the codes we use.
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Solar System Chocolates

I saw this article posted over at Boing Boing and I have to say these look much cooler than any chocolates that I’ve ever gotten1 for Valentines day. Fortunately2, the site Boing Boing links doesn’t appear to have any sort of order form that I can figure out or find; so I don’t think I’ll actually be getting them. Still they do look yum!

1 They’re also cooler than any that I’ve ever given out for Valentines day.
2 Some of us are hoping we’ll lose a bit of weight this year and eating a box of these wouldn’t help.


Over the weekend, Ariesna and I went to the Robert Burn’s dinner put on by HAGGIS. It was fun, though I did end up slightly annoyed. As none of our raffle tickets won anything and my friend Greg won a bottle of wine… just after he left. *grumble, grumble* Then on Sunday, I wasn’t feeling so hot which blew up into a full-blown cold today. Bah-humbug.

Still, being home all day gave me a chance to catch up on watching some of the anime I’ve been downloading. Some of it’s good and some of it’s not, which means I’ve got more to watch but I’ve also deleted some to free up drive space. More free drive space, means I can download more newer stuff. 🙂

In other news, one of my slightly, older posts has been getting a bit of attention from somebody out there. I guess I’ll have to keep watching that post to see how the discussion goes.

Fantastic Four

The next Marvel Comics movie, the Fantastic Four is due out 1 July 2005 and their official website went live sometime today. Apple has a trailer up for the movie and as I expected it looks like crap. What makes me doubly annoyed is that the choose to use one of the coolest super villians of the Marvel universe1 but it appears they’ve “modernized” him. One of the cool things about him was that instead of using his superscience to make a perfectly human looking mask; it had those old-school rivets & cast-iron look to it. From the brief glimpse of him that we get during the trailer, it appears they’ve taken away all the rivets and completely smooth over the metal of his mask. Ah well, I’ll probably still end up going to see it (or at least renting it at some point). After all, it wouldn’t be fair to completely lamblast it without watching it once. 😀

1 Who? Why that would be Dr. Doom of course! *sheesh* That was a silly question.

The Cat’s Meow

Well, we took Capt. Jack to the vet this morning. He’s got 4 teeth that need to be pulled. *ugh* Still, once those teeth come out; his breath will get better and I’ll wager he won’t be scratching at his face quite so much which all means that he should be feeling a lot better after today. Though the old bank account won’t be. *sigh* Ah well, as they say “easy1 come, easy go.” In other feline news, I noticed that the spots that Jack has scratched at the most along his back have all appeared to be completely healed up and his fur is growing back in. Before long, I image he’ll actually be a good looking cat; instead of being adorably ugly like he is now.2

Oh and for those people out there who can’t stand it when a blogger talks about their cat; go stuff yourself. Nobody forces you to read any blog; you read blogs because something about them caught your attention. Be it the site design or the content. If a blog starts to annoy you; then stop reading it.

1 Though I’m not so sure it was all that easy to come by.
2 Ariesna would disagree with that comment about his current appearance, but this isn’t her blog. So na-nah-na-nah-boo-boo! :p

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