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Learning to speak like them

Boing Boing recently posted about some online resources for learning German via broadcasts from the German government. Later they updated the article to include a link to the BBC who’ll help you learn a lot more than just German. Since I’d like to be able to converse in more than just English some day, I’m making a note of these sites here:

A Whole Lot of Stuff!

I have friends who are collectors of various things, but they’ve got NOTHING on this guy.

Link found via Boing Boing.

Update: Unfortunately, the “Collector” appears to have received enough rude comments that this page has now been pulled. See Boing Boing for more details.

Digital Photo Color Correction

Sam Javanrouh runs one of the best photography sites that I visit, but unfortunately of late I’ve not had the time to look at his site. This evening I decided to make some time and I’m so glad that I did. While browsing through the archives, I ran across a link to a color correction guide that details exactly how Sam cleans up his images for presentation on the web. Very, very nice. It looks extremely helpful for Photoshop users…. Now I just need to see if I can replicate his techniques in GIMP.

Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade

One of the great advantages of having a broadband internet connection and fat hard drives; is the ability to download large quantities of stuff and then do something with it later. One of the things I like to do is download the latest/greatest fansubbed anime; however my schedule is such that it is much easier for me to download it than it is to watch it. I finally got around to watching an one of the older series that I had sitting on my hard drive. And tonight, I figured I’d finish off the series; unfortunately, fate decided that such was not to be.

I’d watched through sixteen episodes prior to this even and tonight I made it happily through another six. The plot was building, you could see that the final battle of Good vs. Evil would happen very soon. Then upon starting episode twenty-three; I learned that life is a funny old thing. Funny like a broken arm that is. My copy of episode twenty-three turns out to be a fansub done by a French group. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH! It’s been over 10 years since I took a French class! I could sort of understand what was going on but not much more than I would have gotten if the episode had not been subtitled. Then to add insult to injury; 23 was not the final episode! ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

So if any of my friends out there have the final episodes of this series, can I borrow them from you? I know the series is really all that wonderful but the artwork is kind of nice and having sat through 23 episodes; I’d really like to see the finale.

iTunes in 30 seconds or less

While browsing around the iTMS, trying to find all the latest free songs; I ran across this iMix. It’s a collection of 41 tracks all of which are less than 30 seconds long. As you might know, iTunes allows you to preview 30 seconds of any track in their store. In effect, you get to listen to all of these tracks for free!

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