Who’s Annoying Anyways?

Back in his ST:TNG days, I couldn’t stand Wesley Crusher. Fortunately, as an author Wil Wheaton is much more interesting and the annoyance level is way, way, way down. 🙂 Earlier today, Wil mentioned on his blog that TV Guide is running a poll asking various questions about Star Trek. One of the questions on the poll is “Who was the most annoying character?” and as one can easily imagine Ensign Wesley Course laid in, sir. Crusher in one of the options for that question.

If you decided to take the poll, you can be harsh and pick Wesley for that question…. Or you can rise about your sad, pathetic life in your parent’s basement and forgive Wil for the bad lines he was given, not to mention for the fact that he was the one on ST:TNG and not you. Just make up your mind quickly, I hear your Mom yelling at you to take out the garbage.

P.S. Personally, I picked Lwaxana Troi for that question. Good grief, she made everybody miserable every time she showed up and she wasn’t even a villian!

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Annoying Anyways?

  1. I picked Wesley Crusher, unapologetically, because he *was* the most annoying character, no matter how cool the actor may have become.

    Sure, Worf’s son was annoying — but he didn’t muck up half the episodes, acting as a plot-rending deus ex machina in the majority.

    Yes, Q was annoying in that regard, but he was at least an interesting concept, as well as a solid character-developing tool through introspection.

    And gads you’re right, Troi was a terrible crutch when it came to hurrying the plot, skipping all pretense of interplay — whenever it was handy — with a well-placed “he’s hiding something, captain.” But she lacked the wide-eyed smarm of Wes and, if I may harken back to my predisposition when the show first aired, she had tits.

  2. Except that I wasn’t referring to Denna “Ship’s Counselor” Troi rather the #1 annoyance on my list was her mother that frequently showed up to annoy the crap out of all the other characters.

  3. Oh. Yeah, she was annoying, too. And you know, it’s sort of a tribute to the show itself, since these characters were only annoying in that they sucked the enjoyability from a show that otherwise was good, overall.

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