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Portal Updated

I took a moment to update my Portal today, as I realized that I’d started classifying some of my links in WP as things that the page wasn’t setup to display. After doing that, I noticed blogs that I’d not read for a while and took a quite trip over to Uncommon Woman‘s site. After catching up on her recent posts, I looked over her blogroll and just clicked a bunch to take a look at what she reads. I thought Feministe had a nice design, so I took a closer look at her posts and that lead me to Cat Town.

For the record, laughing so hard you snort your hot tea will clear your sinuses up (at least a little bit) but it’s bloody painful. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to burn in heck for laughing at it.

Review: Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time is a series of books by Robert Jordan. The series started out very promisingl, interesting characters, good descriptions, better dialog than I could ever come up with but the last couple of books, Crossroads of Twilight in particular, have failed to deliver on that early promise. The description has been focused more on how worried everybody in the story is without really giving a good sense for why they’re so worried. For all that Jordan has tried to make his villans, the Forsaken, seem to be horrendously powerful; the heros never seem to be truly overwhelmed by them. Rather the heros seem to simply lack the necessary self-confidence to deal with them. The other problem that the series is suffering from is “feature-creep”. First we had the Dark friends, then Padan Fain, then the Whitecloacks, then the Forsaken, then the Seachan. Is there going to be any end to the villians that are going to be thrown at the heros? Will we ever see a resolution to all the diverent plot threads that make up this series? From the way that last book read, I think Jordan has lost or forgotten whatever it was that he originally intended to do with the series and these days is more interested in turning just another book to continue the series because like George Lucas; he knows people might hate it but they’ll buy it anyway.

Pukka’s Links of the Week

Pukka has a tendency to find interesting links1 and forward them out to myself and several other people I know. Since the office rumor mill is indicating that they’re going to be cracking down on our internet usage; I’m less likely to view these at work and will post them here once a week.

1 Yes Pukka, they are interesting; you just usually get them to me after I’ve already seen whatever it is that you’re forwarding to me. Or at least you used to, given the office rumor I’ve heard I’m much less likely to be out browsing for info these days so your links are much more current. :p

I’m baaaack!

My internet connection went down over the weekend and I ended up taking a half-day of vacation so I could be around for my appointment with the repair guy from 1-5. *grumpf* Why can’t they make appointments like normal people (e.g. 3-4)? Anyways, as you can see my internet connection has finally been fixed and I’ve been catching up on my email and reading the blogs that I do. The following quiz was found via AWelkin:

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