My drive to the office is short and rather dull, but it does take me past both the local police & fire departments. On most days, all that means is occassionally a cop car pulls out of the police parking lot. And on some days, there’s a Pepsi truck blocking half the road as they deliver soda. But on rarer occassions, life is far more interesting.

On those occassions, the fire department has car wrecks in their parking lot. The cars can be half crushed, upside down, missing doors, etc… Unfortunately, they finished up with their training and removed the cars before I got over there to take photos. *sigh*

Still, there’s also some new construction which just started up along my commute and I think it’s for an expansion on CPL. Given that they’ve only dug out a big hole in the ground so far; I think I’ll have time to get some photos before they finish up. 😀

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