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Lately, I’ve been watching this some what silly (but still addictive) reality show on NBC called Treasure Hunters. Part of what I like about it is they let you play along with the contestants. Well, sort of… They have a trivia question given out during every show which if answered correctly gives you a shot at $10,0001. Additionally, you can play various puzzles, one released each week, for a shot at $200,000 and an appearance on T.V. Personally, I have no interest in ever being on T.V. but that $200,000 would buy a nice house and pay off all our bills2. And there would still be enough left over to give some to various charities I like, e.g. American Cancer Society, American Red Cross or Toys for Tots.

Anyway, I’ve been following the show for a couple of weeks and I’ve gotten help from the NBC.com forums on solving the weekly puzzles. Since I appear to be slightly ahead of the curve at the moment, below the cut are is my solution to this week’s puzzle. You should only read past the cut if you don’t mind spoiling the puzzle for yourself.

Treasure Hunters: Puzzle #6

  1. Click on the globe.
  2. Spin the globe until you can see the western seaboard of the continental United States.
  3. Hover your mouse around the western seaboard until the dialog box shows 38&#176 North, 119&#176 West. Then click the globe.
  4. You’ll arrive in Bodie, California. Click on the doorway to the building on your left.
  5. In the saloon, click on the player piano.
  6. Click on the fourth piano roll from the left on top of the piano. This will open a secret compartment behind the photo in the upper-right section of the screen.
  7. Take the 9 bags of silver and exit the saloon.
  8. Click on the doorway of the building to your right.
  9. Click to the left and slightly behind the cash register.
  10. Take the wagon wheel.
  11. Click on the scale.
  12. Divide the bags of silver into 3 groups of 3. We’ll call them A, B & C.
  13. Weigh Group A vs. Group B.
    • If A < B, then A contains the diluted bag & C contains all silver.
    • If A > B, then B contains the diluted bag & C contains all silver.
    • IF A = B, then C contains the diluted bag.
  14. Dump all the bags known to have silver to one side.
  15. Divde the group with the diluted bag into 3 individual bags (D, E, F).
  16. Weigh D vs. E, leaving F by itself on oneside of the playing area.
    • If D < E, then D is the diluted bag.
    • If D > E, then E is the diluted bag.
    • If D = E, then F is the diluted bag.
  17. The cash register should now pop open. Click inside to receive a piece of paper reading:

    Names of the dead or missing should be posted on Lotta’s Fountain

  18. Exit the general store.
  19. Click in the alley between the two buildings.
  20. Click on the wagon.
  21. Click on your backpack to open it.
  22. Click on the wagon wheel to take it out of your backpack.
  23. Click on the wagon wheel again to attach it to the wagon.
  24. Click on the wagon and type in “San Francisco” without the quotes when it asks you where to go.
  25. Click on your backpack to open it.
  26. Click on the bags of silver to take them out of your backpack.
  27. Click on the bags of silver again to advance to the next stage of the puzzle (did you notice the “will work for treasure sign”?).
  28. Click on the button labeled “It’ll cost you”.
  29. Watch extremely carefully as the game rotates the cups around, try to keep track of the cup with a treasure bag under it.
  30. Once the cups stop moving you must click on the one over the treasure bag. Unfortunately, this is a random process and I cannot tell you which cup it will be under. It took me several tries to get it right (using the restart challenge feature). Good luck!

1 Sure, it’s random pick after you get the right answer (easily checked out via Google. But if I win, as unlikely as that is to happen, that’s a lot of bills which would instantly vanish.
2 Why yes, I really would use big chunks of money like that to pay bills. I’ve got Scottish blood in my veins, what did you expect? *grin*


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I got the treasure bags in the first try, just took me forever on everything else.

Choose the middle cup each on the first try and second if the first not work.

Thanks for the tips! Since this was such a popular article, I’ll try posting my solutions to next weeks puzzles.

Till then, good hunting!

thanks for the tips! i was stuck in bodie forever until i googled and found you.

good luck!

i finished the puzzle on my own, but looked at your page after to see what you came up with. the player piano drove me crazy! i separated the bags into 2 groups of 4, that worked for me. and i got the cup challenge on the first try, i guess i have quick eyes!

do you know what the combination is for the final clue i dont have a printer to do the folding thing?

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