NBC’s Treasure Hunters: Challenge #7

I’m not as quick on the uptake this week, but I’ve finally got the solution for this week’s challenge. Again if you don’t want to read any spoilers; stop reading here and now!

  1. Click in the lower right of the screen to enter the graveyard.
  2. In the graveyard, click the tombstone closest, on the right-hand side, to the Rockefeller crypt.
  3. When Washington Irving’s tombstone pulls up, click towards the base of the stone on the right, to get the key.
  4. Go back to the church.
  5. Use the key to open the door.
  6. Go into the church.
  7. On your right, just below the window, there is a box of matches. Click and take them.
  8. Click on the candelabra. Next you have to get all the candles lit, but clicking on one candle will light several of them and can extinguish others. I’m labeling the candles from left to right, starting at the top and working down as A – D/1 – 4. I.e. the candle in the upper left corner would be A1, while the one in the lower right would be D4. Click the candles in this order:
    1. D1
    2. A1
    3. C3
    4. B3
    5. C4
    6. B4

    If that’s not clear enough for you, try reading these instructions over at NBCTreasureHunters.com.

  9. Exit the church.
  10. Go back into the graveyard and enter Rockefeller’s crypt (the gate should now be open).
  11. Inside the crypt.
  12. Go right.
  13. Jump across the small gap to the globe.
  14. On the globe, move your mouse until the key shows: 37° N, 77° W.
  15. Click on that location to get the 2nd Generworth Financial Insurance Policy
  16. Then go left and down.
  17. Then go left and down again.
  18. Then right and right again.
  19. Then up, slightly to the right and up again.
  20. Then right, down, slightly left and down again.
  21. Click on the level.
  22. Click on the chain to put it in your backpack.
  23. Then up, up, left, up, slightly left, up, right, up.
  24. Run left, left and jump at the last second. This is the only way to get across the long jump.
  25. Left, down, down, left and into the door.
  26. Click and take the book.
  27. Then return to the globe: up, left, up, right, down, right, right, down, right, down, left, down, left, left, up, right and up.
  28. On the globe, move your mouse until the key shows: 42° N, 80° W.
  29. Click on your backpack and take out the chain.
  30. Click on the back of the pickup truck. Clicking near the top of the tailgate worked for me on my 4th (maybe 5th) time through after closing my browser and starting over from scratch.
  31. Once the chain is attached, click the truck again and it will pull the trailer forward revealing a door.
  32. Click on the door to open it.
  33. Click in the doorway to go inside.
  34. Click on the table to zoom in.
  35. Click on the table drawer to get this week’s puzzle piece.

NOTE: Some people online have reported having trouble getting and/or using the chain. If this happens to you; it sounds like your only option is to completely exit your browser and try it all over again. I didn’t have any problems getting the chain, but I’m on my 4th maybe 5th time running through the challenge trying to use the chain.

Rumor: According to an IRC channel I was hanging out on; if you enter “the library of congress” (without the quotation marks) as your guess for the location to the final treasure, you will get an entry form to be one of the 10 people going on the final episode. Unfortunately when I tried that myself, all I got was…
NBC's Treasure Hunters Undefined

*sigh* And $200,000 would buy such a nice house in my area of the country. 😉


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SO glad I found your blog! This was driving me absolutely INSANE!!


Hi, I am having a problem solving the final puzzle. Can you please tell me the order of the wheels from the star cutout? I have been lining them up as follows: “feather symbol”, sun, door with “c”, book, arrow. I also tried it with the sun first and added the hands in the middle with the second door at the end. I cannot get it to work. Please help! Thanks!

how do you arrange the puzzle pieces? I am pretty sure that they are right but i am not getting the fire place to open.

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