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Frequent visitors to this site1 will probably notice something a bit new over in my sidebar. Today I added a new “Sponsors” section to the site. This sponsors section is will be serving up text link adverts from Text Link Ads2.

For a long time I have resisted placing any form of advertising on this site. I just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of it and I wanted to keep “pure”. However I realize now that is something of a very silly notion and decided to give Text Link Ads a chance to make this site pay for itself.

Does this mean I’ve sold out? Well I am trying to make a small amount of money from this site now; however will not become some advert laden monstrosity with hundreds of annoying, flashing banners. Just two little links in the sidebar. So you’re free to think what you like, but I’m not thinking this counts as selling out.

1 Readers of my RSS feed will also eventually be seeing some text link ads as well. How long it takes depends on how quickly Text Link Ads sells the advert slots.
2 All links to Text Link Ads in this post are in fact affiliate links and if you use them to go to their site to sign up, then I am supposed to get 25 smackeroos. 🙂


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Obviously, as of this post, I find your site terribly offensive. It’s not the sponsors, which actually took me a while to find (and which, as of my writing this comment, has no links to follow).

No, what I find offensive is your footnote #2 of this post, which has no reference to it — no antecendent.

J’accuse! Bad blog! No biscotti!

  • I’ve noticed nobody’s bought any ad slots from me yet. *sigh* I guess that pretty much kills my scheme to get rich quick to get this site to pay for itself.
  • Whoops! I fixed the typo adding in the antecedent to footnote #2. Sorry to have offended your rather delicate sensibilities.
  • No biscotti? I’ve got some in my pantry, a lovely gingerbread and white macadamia nuts. You canna take them away from me. Pssssffffppppt! :p

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