Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do!

Overall a very good weekend. Saturday, Ariesna and & hung out with our friends Bryon & AWelkin. We shot a ton of pictures1 of AWelkin in a couple of her excellent suits. We also learned that velour makes an excellent burr magnet, so don’t go tramping through wood areas wearing a velour cape (especially don’t go off trail in such a thing). Sunday, Ariensa & I just enjoyed a lazy day. Mostly we just hung around the house and did a whole lot of nothing. Though we did go to the grocery store for some reconnaissance on the tea party she’s planning for October. Oddly enough when we got to the store, I noticed a flyer on the community bulletin board inviting people to the world’s biggest tea party. *shrugh* Odd timing that. Oh and the reason this post is called what it is, has to do with a startling experience I had Sunday morning. After I took my shower and was going through my morning toiletries, I caught sight of something moving by the bathroom window. I turned to look over and realized we had a wasp crawling around on the inside of the window. *shudder* I quickly finished up and got out of there. Ariesna dug up the bug spray and then we took care of the little invader. Nobody got stung or anything really unpleasant like that. It’s just if there’s a specific time you don’t want to see a wasp; it’s when you’re standing around nekked. *grin*

1 Some were digital, some were 35mm. When all the film has been developed, we’ll select some of them to send off to the magazine who requested the photos. Once I have clearance from the AWelkin & the magazine people, I’ll post some of them to Flickr.  Though we also have a couple more shoots to do, so don’t expect to see those photos any time soon.

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