• The office popcorn maker finishes popping, you run into the breakroom  to enjoy not the tasty, salty popcorn but to shove your arms inside the popcorn maker to get warm.
  • Your local hardware store is sold out of space heaters, in 5 minutes, in July, at full price.
  • Some poor kid licked your office window and he’s stuck to it.  Fortunately you had your video camera handy to record/upload this phenomenon to YouTube.  Mind you, it would have been nicer to call the fire dept the first day the kid was stuck out there….

This post was inspired by real life events.  Names have been removed to protect the innocent.

*sigh* My lovely, little Canon PowerShot S500 is effectively dead. I’m getting this blend of purple color across all my photos. I’ve tried correcting the photos in GIMP, but the way the purple blends across about half the image makes it extremely difficult to do so. I’ll keep poking at it and maybe try loading CHDK on it to see if that fixes it. And before you ask, yes the extended warranty ran out a month ago. *double sigh*