The Plumbing Nightmare Continues

Finally heard back from the plumber’s part guy. They have to order direct from the manufacturer as none of their suppliers have the part. The bleepied-bleeping bleep manufacturer will not ship overnight. Expected transit time of the part?

2-3 weeks

Yes, that’s right. They said it will take weeks. I told him I’d have to get back to them about it, since we have no way of shutting off that tub except by killing water to the entire house.

A slight pause and then he asked if the water was running continuously then?

I wanted to beat my head on my desk but just said yes.

He asked if we have copper pipes. I said we did but to be perfectly honest, I’m not 100% sure of that.  I’ve seen some copper pipes, some PVC and some other kind when I’m down in our basement. He recommended we put in a shutoff valve so we wouldn’t run into this situation in the future.

Forehead: What’s the broad, flat surface rushing at me all of a sudden?

Desk: Don’t you worry about what I am just yet, we’re going to have plenty of time to get aquainted.

I know the guy was just trying to be helpful, but seriously we know we need a cutoff valve. We want a cutoff valve, but we don’t have the time/money to be remodeling our bathroom right now. I told him I’d have to talk it over with the wife and call them back.

And to be perfectly honest, at this point I’m more inclined to call a different plumber to see if they can come out and fix the problem now. I’m so sick of this plumb fun.

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