Watch & Win with Linux Journal

Like Linux Journal but are too cheap to buy your own subscription? Or just like freebies? Then now’s your chance to get a free subscription. Linux Journal is holding a contest this week. You simply have to watch their Tech Tip Videos, collect the secret letters. You can find full details on their site. I’ve embedded the first video below or you can head over to Linux Journal to watch it there.

Additional videos to watch for the secret letters include:


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First, thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

Second, you have the BEST domain name ever! I am a little jealous. 😉

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the publicity! 🙂

Wowsers, either I suck at this game LinuxJournal came up with or you guys didn’t make it easy. I just watched all the videos to see what the secret letters were and I’ve got no idea what they are supposed to unscramble to. I wonder if they’ll be posting the correct answer after the contest is over.

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