Goodbye Jack

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He joined our family in 2004 and will never leave it.

After a nice evening out at our book group, we got home to find our cat lazing about on the couch.  Only when I sat down and he started coming over to me; he was obviously having a lot of trouble.  He seemed to be having trouble using his back legs.  They still worked but he wasn’t standing up on them.  So we took him over to the animal hospital, the vet examined him and told us it was related to his diabetes.

Apparently when the insulin didn’t work, Jack’s body started canabalizing his body fat to produce the sugar he needed and this effectively was posioning him.  The doctor told us given Jack’s age and medical history that the kindest thing to do would be to let him go quietly.  So we put him down this evening.

Goodbye Jack, I’m going to miss you stinky fuzzy butt.


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I’m so sorry to hear this, Mark. For all his frailties, he was a great cat, and you two loved him well. Take the time to remember the good times with him, and let yourselves mourn him. You’re right … He’s always in your hearts.

I’m so very sorry. That’s a terrible thing to come home to, and a terribly quick window to make such a decision in.

Jack was very lucky to have you and Michelle to give him a good life in his later years.

I’ll let Bryon know when he calls from Cedar Falls.


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