py2avi released!

py2avi is a python script I wrote to make it easier for me to transcode video files from MKV to AVI while not forgetting to extract the subtitles from the MKV file. On the off chance that somebody out there in Internet-land has a similar need, I’m releasing the script under the GPL 2.0. So if you want/need it, take it and have fun with it!

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6 thoughts on “py2avi released!

    1. There’s nothing wrong with it really. It’s more that my ancient XBox has problems playing back Matroska files (which most people seem to be encoding as H.264+AAC) whereas it can play back AVI files (XVid+MP3) just fine.

      I don’t mind transcoding the files down for now1 but I kept forgetting to extract the subtitles. It’s pretty darn annoying to start watching something and only remember when it’s been playing that you missed the subtitles. This python script takes care of that problem for me, by automatically extracting the subs and transcoding the video.

      1Someday I want to get some other computer/media device that can handle the newer/heavier codecs better.

  1. Really? I also have some MKV videos which I should transcode into AVI if I am to enjoy smooth playing. MKV video can’t play smoothly in my old Pentium III computer.

  2. I love MKV files, but I want a 1 button press method to make them. Every time I find a tutorial, there are more than two steps, and that’s just not acceptable.

    I even tried some programs that were supposed to make MKVs, but either they didn’t support subs, or I was doing it wrong.

    1. I don’t object to MKVs in and of themselves, just that the people encoding the video files I’m interested in seem to reserve MKVs for their higher quality versions, which my XBMC cannot handle.

      As for trying to make MKVs, I’ve not done that but when I do have questions about trancoding video files between different formats; the first place I go is

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